Through Every Stage of Life

Each program is designed around your educational needs. We take into consideration the amount of participants, the age, local demographics, time allocated for the program and specific needs set by the organizer. Each program is taught by an industry professional who is established, from the local region and can respond to even the most challenging of circumstances.


Students from elementary school through high school need to understand the new ing and value of money.


Students and adults after high school need to learn how to live independently and manage any debt they have accumulated.

Money Management

Adults need to learn how to deal with financial challenges, budgeting and credit.

Life Events

Life’s challenges may include financial concerns due to military service, special needs dependents, reverse mortgage and saving for retirement.


Seniors need to deal with the challenge of retiring with peace of mind, estate planning, and healthcare costs.

Knowledge Is Power

What you don’t know could hurt you!

“Will bankruptcy hurt my credit?
“How do I budget to pay back my student loan?
“When should I start planning for my retirement?  

These and many other questions are discussed and information presented by business and financial professionals in each specialty area.  If you have specific questions you would like addressed, please feel free to write them in the Contact Us section of this website. We invite you to call us at (631) 714-4822 to inquire about these services.