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Stay Educated!

Being an educated consumer or business owner is an indispensable part of financial success. Those who study trends and market conditions often have a leg up over everyone else in the financial game.

Equity First Foundation offers periodic free presentations regarding the importance of things such as credit awareness, budgeting, and mortgage modification. We strongly believe in educating the public about the importance of sound financial habits and strategies, and do what we can to help. Equity First Foundation also offers no cost or low cost presentations, workshops and speaking engagements.

Learn more about topics of financial concern in today's market. Inquire about our Financial Literacy Program for Small Businesses, Government Agencies and Charities.

Knowledge is Power

Prior to making an educated decision about anything, one must gather as much helpful information as possible. Equity First Foundation provides public speaking engagements, educational seminars and webinars, panels, and presentations to assist everyone. All are designed to help you maximize your financial decisions. Call (631) 714-4822 to inquire about these services.


"I highly recommend the professional services of Rhonda Klch from Equity First Foundation. In the areas of debt settlement, credit enhancement and mortgage modification, Equity First Foundation should be everyone's first phone call. Rhonda and her team deliver excellent client service and are tremendous referrers of business as well."
"Rhonda’s attitude and personality were absolutely the first things that caught my attention. In a world filled with “specialists”, Rhonda stood out because of her ability to put the client first, shoot straight, and ultimately take the guess work out of any concerns Clients may have. This is the reason our firms have collaborated in assisting communities achieve sustainability in employment and finances. Rhonda is one of the few professionals who are sincerely humanitarians and approach business from a YOU perspective."